Aims & Objectives

Kokni Vyapari Welfare Association is a non-political, non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization, formed by members who are either self employed or are in business and is promoting development activities through its arm Kokni Vyapari Council - KVC throughout the state of Maharashtra. The association has a large number of well known professionals, managing its affairs and acting as a driving force. KVC has long term business and social plans.

Kokni Vyapari Council - KVC is also playing a pivotal role in taking up social causes and community service activities such as medical camps, cancer awareness camp, blood donation drive, children painting competition etc and has become well known in city and suburbs.

The aims and objectives of the association are;

  • To undertake, conduct, carry out, arrange, organize or cause to organize Guidance and Training Programs, Conferences, Seminars, Exhibitions, Trade Fair, Workshop, Demonstrations, Lectures, Leadership Training Opportunities, Entrepreneur Programs and other similar activities.
  • To work for the promotion of higher education in Medicine, Engineering, Science, Technology Management, Commerce, Humanities and various other fields for the community and to organize, conduct Aptitude Test, Career Guidance Seminar for the students and all the section of the society without distinction of caste and creed.
  • To run, undertake or organize cultural and various social activities and organize various functions to increase interaction among members.
  • To organize youth festivals on National Integration and Mass Awareness Programs such as Global Warming, Tree Plantation etc. and to organize Competition and Contest on Literature, Art, Drawing and Sports for children, students of all the section of the society without distinction of caste and creed.
  • To organize, conduct and participate in community development activities and programs such as child-care, aged-care, healthcare facilities, family welfare and entrepreneurship program to build stronger and more resilient local communities and/or for women, disabled, ex-army personnel and all the section of the society without distinction of caste and creed.
  • To work towards developing and fostering mutual cooperation, understanding and common action among various individuals, groups and organizations engaged in sustainable development and to establish cooperation and linkages with other networks, forums and societies.
  • To establish and manage Library, Reading Room, Audio Visual Room, Community Center etc. to impart secular and spiritual Education for the community.
  • To start and conduct Dispensaries and/or Hospitals and/or Maternity Homes and Hospitals and/or Rural Medical or Health Centers, Homes for the Aged, Convalescent Homes for treatment of indoor or outdoor patients suffering from any diseases.
  • To give Medical Help to the poor and underprivileged and to arrange Medical Camp, Healthcare Camp and Blood Donation Camp.
  • To provide Ambulance services to the members and general public at any place in Maharashtra particularly in the cities of Metropolitan Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.
  • To establish and maintain regional centers to promote and implement the aims & objectives of the Association.
  • To receive any grant, donation, fee, support and assistance in any form for the objectives of the Association.
  • To do any and all other lawful things as the Association may deem fit for the attainment of all or any of its aims and objectives.

For the achievement of its objectives stated above, the KVC has initiated several Medical, Educational, Social projects and schemes for the welfare and development of the society as a whole.